Martin Rickler, LMFT


I have a sensitivity to what it's like to find that your tried and true methods of dealing with problems are no longer working for you. I have worked with clients who are dealing with loss, stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelming life situations, or just feeling somewhat lost in life. I am Twelve Step friendly and open to those in their first months of sobriety or those having been sober for a while and wondering what's next?

I have a PhD in Educational Psychology, a Master of Arts degree in Perceptual Psychology, and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology. I am a California-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, License #94710

Now accepting clients at my San Fernando Valley office in Canoga Park, California. I do not take insurance but utilize a sliding scale and I do accept credit cards. Encrypted, HIPAA-compliant Telehealth video counseling is also available for appropriate California clients who are willing to participate in periodic face-to-face sessions.