Mindfulness Meditation -- An Introductory Session:

The following is a YouTube link to a basic 8-minute guided meditation that can serve as an introduction to mindfulness practice. It provides the essentials with which to begin incorporating mindfulness into one's life. This guided meditation is called a "sitting" meditation and is usually done in a quiet place with eyes closed.

If you have had trauma in your life and you find that you are uncomfortable closing your eyes while doing this, or with following your breath, please do not use this resource. Let your therapist know and he or she will have an alternative technique for you to utilize.

All you need to do is sit quietly, close your eyes, and listen.

Martin Rickler, LMFT

Mindfulness Meditation - Stage II:

The following 5-minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation is for those a bit more familiar with mindfulness and would like a brief guided version. If you are new to mindfulness, then you might benefit by listening to the "Introduction to Mindfulness" (above) a few times, and then when you are ready, progress to the "Guided MNF".

Note that "Guided MNF" has no ending bell or tone, so it can be used to initiate a mindfulness session by listening to the five minute guided portion, then the listener can choose whether to stop at that point, or to continue a bit longer on your own.